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It is unBefuddled’s policy to offer meaningful access and an equal opportunity to

participate in our services, activities and programs. When needed, unBefuddled will

provide free communication aids and services. unBefuddled will check with

individuals or their supports to learn what the individual needs so that they can

understand and communicate clearly.

Examples of the communication aids or services we can provide are:

  • Sign Language Interpreting (VRI or in-person) 

  • Large Print Materials

  • Amplifiers

  • Other aids or services as needed


unBefuddled Staff will conduct regular check-ins with clients to ensure their

communication needs are being met during the service relationship.



                           Policy and Procedure


 For questions regarding this policy or to request a communication aid or service,

please contact: unBefuddled Office at (208) 891-6776/ (208) 466-3900, or Program

Director, Ashley Locke at (208) 695-4328

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