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What is a Targeted 
Service Coordinator (TSC)?

A targeted service coordinator will assist families and individuals in gaining access to quality of life resources and will coordinate necessary care and services.  

Who can we help?

Adults with developmental disabilities.

Services Include:  

Adult DD Waiver assistance, resources for housing, transportation, vocational, volunteering, medical equipment, and much more.


Who pays?

In Idaho, services are provided at no cost to families who qualify through state and federal funds.  Services are also available on a private pay basis. 

The State of Idaho offers supports for individuals with a wide range of special needs, including medical, developmental and mental health diagnoses.  

The challenge mere mortals face is that clear information is usually found at the end of a long and complicated maze....


  • Assessment of needs

  • Plan of action; Plan development

  • Home visits

  • Advocacy

  • Client/family/caregiver support

  • Coordination of transportation



  • Mental Health Services

  • Medication Management

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Vocational Opportunities

  • Adaptive equipment

  • Assistant technology/Durable Medical Equipment

  • Vocational Rehabilitation 

  • Developmental Therapy

  • Supported Living

  • Adult Day Services

  • PCS/Home health

  • Community Supported Employment

  • Liberty Health

  • IQ Test



  • Healthy Connection referrals

  • Medicaid Navigation

  • Adult DD Waiver

  • Transition to adulthood



                         **Bilingual staff is available/Hablamos Español!!**  
Adult Development Services Available in Idaho


Developmental Therapy

 Helps participant improve functional skills.  This usually happens in a group setting in a   center and the community. Developmental   Disabilities Agency (DDA) provides this   service, on the State Services.


Adult Day Health

 Recreational activity or leisure time, in   center, or community.  Generally up to 8 hrs   per week. Developmental Disabilities Agency   (DDA) provides this service, on the DD Waiver.


Certified Family Home

 Families can be approved as a Certified   Family Home (CFH) and be paid through   medicaid to provide care for participant(s).   This service is provided through approved   family; Community Partnerships of Idaho   (CPI) supervises, on the DD Waiver.


Hourly Supported Living  

 One-on-One staff that helps participant   improve/practice independent living skills in   the home and community. This is an hourly   service. This services is provided through   Residential Habilitation Agency, on the DD   Waiver.


Daily Supported Living 

 Participant lives in home or apartment,   usually with roommate(s). Staff is present 24   hrs/day. Staff helps participant practice   independent living skills, access the   community, and maintain their home. This   services is provided through Residential   Habilitation Agency, on the DD Waiver.


Community Support Employment 

 Job coaching for participant during   employment. The agency that provides   employment services provides this service,   on the DD Waiver.




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